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Relocating to a new town can push someone to their mental limits, without adding the daunting task of finding a place for your family plus finding a Realtor you can trust. At Leslie Scott Realty, LLC, I understand this, and I am an expert in relocation. I have a long history of finding buyers the right home by going through a very specific checklist to help you efficiently narrow your options.

When most buyers go into home search mode - they may come up with 50+ listings to view. It should go without saying that's too many properties to see first hand if you're on a short visit from out of town! I can help you to narrow your search down to 20-25 properties, with these items in mind:

  • Before leaving town, write your needs into one list. Then write your wants in another. When a property doesn't even meet your needs, it's one less house to look at.
  • Know your budget. If you are going to get a home loan, secure your pre-approved amount in advance so we can eliminate homes which exceed your budget.
  • Take into account drive time to work or other activities. Traffic in the Muskogee area could be different than what you're used to, so let me know how much time you're ready to spend travelling each day.

I can send you some best recommendations before we meet in person. Or you might already have some strong possibilities you could share with me culled from your own research. While seeing listing photos on the web is great, there's nothing like walking through homes in person. I can schedule any necessary appointments and map a route. By planning ahead, we could visit 8 to 10 homes in a single day.

Relocated to the Muskogee area with Leslie Scott Realty, LLC as your REALTOR - (918)348-9250
My focus is to see to it that by the end of your visit, you can be comfortable in the knowledge you're on the right track to finding the best home for your family. Call me today at (918)348-9250 to start your home search.

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