Home Staging Tips

If you want to know more about home staging to sell your house quickly in Muskogee, contact Leslie Scott Realty, LLC and I'll help you with promoting the best image for your house.

Sell quickly in Muskogee with home staging and with me as your real estate agent - (918)348-9250 Prior to listing your real estate for sale, consider a proven way to sell your house: well-planned home staging. Some positive aspects of home staging include less time on the market and higher selling prices. And you should certainly try professional home staging if you need a quick home sale.

Think of staging your home as creating an "image" for your house the same way a publicist would do for a well-known politician. Just like creating an image garners the spotlight to a public figure, staging makes your house more attractive on the market.

Prepping your house to sell shouldn't be thought of as a problem. At times, it's an eye-opening and creative task. Together, we'll work to get a premium bid for your house. To see less time on the market in Muskogee, employ these interior staging tips:

Curb Appeal Checklist

Curb appeal is your only chance to make a great first impression on buyers from a street perspective. The positive and negative features that jump out at buyers form their initial thoughts about your house and how you keep up your home's regular maintenance.Acknowledging this assists us in deciding what measures we can take to draw buyers from the street and into your home. If your house isn't at its best on the outside with touched up paint and blooming garden plants it's time to get those things done. Refer to the Curb Appeal Checklist and elevate your house's final selling price.

Welcome Home Checklist

Sell quickly in Muskogee with home staging and with me as your real estate agent - (918)348-9250 Can buyers picture themselves enjoying game night in your living space, relaxing in your spa tub or inviting family and friends over for a dinner in your dining room? I want your home to pleasantly accept buyers and give them a sense of ease. I'll help you achieve this by suggesting changes that highlight your house's features. I'll advise you put out of sight items that give the appearance of clutter. Table and counter tops should be neatly arranged. Kitschy sculptures, souvenirs, family photos, and refrigerator drawings should get stored away too. I can help you simplify the decor of house. Ugly or cluttered spaces make your home look smaller and buyers have a harder time imagining themselves living there.

Every room gets a once-over. Improvements that directly impact your dollars include fixable like furniture pieces that should be removed, rooms that need new paint, carpet that needs to be steamed, fixtures that need polishing, and windows that need cleaning.

Buyers expect a residence that seems comfortable. Items that could be "loud" should be removed so that your house will garner mass appeal to buyers.

Setting the Stage

I'll tell you when to open your home up to buyers, because everything comes together to set the stage for what buyers will expect after they close on your house. Dark rooms can really dampen a buyer's spirits, so we'll do things like part the curtains and add lighting where needed to show off your property. Together we'll enhance the ambiance with enjoyable music to listen to while guests look around your home and ensure a delightful aroma flows throughout your house. We'll add cozy-looking throws, and place pillows on your couch and bed. We want buyers to feel like your home is their future home.